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Using of alternative energy technologies already passed the frames of compromise solutions in the area of electricity generating. It is enough to say that amount of electricity produced by the wind turbines in 2016 in the world, exceeded amount of electricity produced by atomic stations in the same time frame around the world.

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About Company

Creation of the company was related to the final forming in the Germany of “Energy turn” conception, the essence of which is the gradual renunciation of energy produced by a atomic stations, and reaching the amount of energy produced by alternative energy sources to 60% from the total amount of consumed energy.

Just then, in the 2011, when the Fukushima tragedy happened, all the world got in panic about atomic energy, we have made the decision to create small energy company, inspired by Federal Government’s decision to boost renunciation of a nuclear energy, and termination of all active atomic stations in the Germany until year 2022, as well as the provision of environmental and reliable energy supply of the country. We saw a chance to become one of the first, who will stand in the avant-garde of development and industrial application of the alternative energy sources, and help Germany to consolidate the position on the world stage of political and economic events.

Our activity is regulated by the law of Federal Republic of Germany and supported by all the necessary government documents, the registration regulations, licenses and permits.

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Company documents

Company documents


Wind turbinesVertical and horizontal
Sun and PowerWallSingle and cascade batteries

Why wind?

  • - because the costs of 1 watt wind energy station 3 times less than solar energy.;
  • - because wind blows always and everywhere;
  • - because efficiency of the solar panels in cloudy weather 5 times less than stated;
  • - because efficiency of the solar panel reduces every year on 5%.
Wind turbinesVertical and horizontal

Vertical wind turbines recommended to use in conditions of low indexes of wind power in the location, where it was installed. In the production of vertical wind turbines we use unsupported hubs on neodymium magnets this dramatically reduces wear of key element of the wind turbine and also reduces operating costs on the maintenance of the whole complex in working condition.

Horizontal wind turbines shows more efficiency and in the producing of it we use ceramic pillow block bearings of straight continuous lubrication, it is increasing lifetime of the bearing hub. At the same time, vertical wind turbines produce much less noise, it allows to place them in densely populated areas, what is very important for EU citizens.

How it works?

Relying to our intellectual-personnel potential and using technologies and producing abilities, company provides for its clients opportunity to use array of solar panels of the latest generation.

Sun and PowerWallSingle and cascade batteries

These solar cells are more resistant to atmospheric electrical discharges, abrasion resistance and have maximal efficiency from the all models and the longest lifetime at very low rates of degradation of silicon elements.

However in case of solar cell systems, unlike wind turbine systems, we are not the direct manufacture of the hardware components for the complex, but we stand as a company which have the knowledge and specialists who can correctly calculate effective power of the complex, develop and design the installation and carry out installation anywhere in the world.

We also concluded contracts on the direct supply of solar panels complexes from European and North American manufacturers with prices lower than retail distribution. In our company you can purchase cascades of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries made by Tesla Motors technology Power Wall as an addition to the best solar panels.

This partnership between our companies allows us to provide to our clients, perhaps, the best proposal of power generating complexes in the world. However we should note, that solar panels are not the best solution for regions where is not enough of sunlight, their installation is preferred only in those areas where the intensity of sunlight and the number of sunny days in a year are the most suitable for this kind of installations.

Company statistics

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Total invested: Total withdrawn: Total investors:
$ 5778166.43 $ 2078019.01 5146

Investment offer

Investment offer

  • Income: Percentage of profit for the current day, from 1% to 3%
  • Term: 90 days
  • Accruals: Weekly, payments to your wallet
  • Minimum deposit:500 USD
  • Minimum withdraw:10000 USD
  • Premature closure of deposit:not provided
  • Agreement:you can sign agreement after deposit
Weekends Business days Investment offer 3.0 2 1.5 1
5% First level
2% Second level
7% First level
3% Second level
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Sergii Mytrokhin Our wind turbine
Pavel Tushkanov

Очень интересный проект, главная изюминка что выплаты каждый день на счет и без комиссий!

Ygygygy Ygygyg

сайт хороший. буду советовать многим своим знакомым

Vitalii Ivanovich

Ребята Приват 24 -РАБОТАЕТ! Оплачиваю все финансы EdelGroup- только криптовалютой.

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Жалко что приват24 в Украине пока не работает, а вот все остальное вроде замечательно) будем пробовать

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